Educational Focus

Northern Lakes Regional Academy’s has a STEAM focus.STEAM is an acronym for Science, 

Education Focus IconTinkering, Engineering,Aesthetics, and Math. Overarching all of these disciplines is the theme of technology. Students at NLRA will have the opportunity to use a wide variety of technology incorporated into almost everything they do. NLRA will offer students a challenging curriculum based upon their interests and post-secondary goals. Learning will be interdisciplinary and self-directed. Although students with varying academic abilities will find success at NLRA, this charter is not specifically designed for the at-risk or gifted and talented learner.

Interdisciplinary Learning

At NLRA seminars are taught instead of the traditional Carnegie model classes. The seminars are Inter Learningtaught using a concept referred to as Interdisciplinary Learning. Teaching a seminar using this method emphasizes connections between traditionally disciplines such as science, technology, history, and language arts, rather than restricting learning to one subject area at a time. Seminars are organized around themes, problems, or issues. Students then seek knowledge and skills from a variety of disciplines to provide an expanded and more complex understanding of the topics. In addition, Northern Lakes Regional Academy ties a variety of workshops to their seminars adding an overall arching theme of technology to all learning. Workshops are designed to teach students a life-skill which will be applicable for use in their seminar as well as future projects.

To Learn more please see: Interdisciplinary Learning Collaborative

Project Based Learning

An important part of the NLRA learning model is PBL.Project Based Learning (PBL) is an instructional method in which students gain knowledge and skills by incorporating learning and doing. They work for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to complex questions,problems, or challenges they find personally meaningful. At the same time their instructor works with them to ensure the project fulfills an educational purpose based on state and national standards. In PBL, learning is contextual,creative, and shared. Students collaborate on meaningful projects that require critical thinking, creativity, and communication in order for them to answer the challenging questions and complex problems inherent in their project design.


Northern Lakes Regional Academy’s facilities are designed as a Makerspace. Our MakerSpace is a hands-on creative center to encourage students to design,experiment, build, and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering, and the design principles. NLRA’s MakerSpace provides the technology to tinker in an educationally meaningful, community applicable, and productive way.