What is the focus of Northern Lakes Regional Academy?

Northern Lakes Regional Academy’s has a STEAM focus. STEAM is an acronym for Science, Tinkering, Engineering, Aesthetics, and Math. NLRA will offer students a challenging curriculum based upon their interests and post-secondary goals. Learning will be interdisciplinary and self-directed. Although students with varying academic abilities will find success at NLRA, this charter is not specifically designed for the at-risk or gifted and talented learner.

What students are eligible to attend the Northern Lakes Regional Academy?

Current Rice Lake Area students, open-enrolled individuals from outside Rice Lake, and home-schooled students are eligible to attend NLRA.

What does a student need to be successful at Northern Lakes Regional Academy? 

A successful student at NLRA will need to be self-motivated, willing to explore their innovations, and be responsible for their own learning. Students in this charter will need to be willing to make mistakes and grow from them, work with and learn from their peers, and connect with the community. Flexibility, communication, and the ability to view things from diverse perspectives are skills that will contribute to success.

How will success be measured at the Northern Lakes Regional Academy?

Students at NLRA will earn standard grades based upon a curriculum connected with the state standards.  They will be issued transcripts for post-secondary purposes and receive a diploma from the Rice Lake Area School District.  They will be able to participate in the Rice Lake graduation ceremony.

How many students will this charter serve?

NLRA will accommodate a maximum of 50 students.  

What will happen if more than 50 students apply?

According to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), if more than 50 students apply to the Northern Lakes Regional Academy, a lottery will take place to determine who will be accepted.  

Will students be able to be involved in band, choir and other elective classes offered at Rice Lake High School?

Our schedule allows for some elective choices at RLHS. We do foresee elective class involvement in the current RLHS set-up as limited. Choices may have to be made by the charter students. Elective curricular material will be part of the learning at Northern Lakes Regional Academy based upon a student’s Personalized Learning Plan.  

Will there be opportunities for foreign language?

Students will have the opportunity to either take face-to-face World Language at the High School or participate in a World Language and Culture experience using Rosetta Stone as a learning platform.  

Can students at Northern Lakes Regional Academy participate in RLHS clubs, sports and other extra-curricular activities?       

Students at NLRA will be able to participate in all RLHS sports, clubs and extra-curricular activities.

What is a Personal Learning Plan (PLP)? 

A PLP is a document developed by the student, with the assistance of their advsisor, which outlines their educational goals framed by their interests, needs, and strengths.  In addition, students will choose projects, seminars, workshops, and classes required to meet the state standards needed for graduation.

What is Place-Based Learning?

Place-Based Learning immerses the student in the community and is built on the experiential learning that occurs when students are using their locality as a resource. The community is used as a foundation for the study of language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and other subjects across the curriculum with an emphasis on participation.  

What is a Professional Learning Community?

Professional Learning Communities enable the learner to connect with individuals with similar interests and needs; including other students, teachers, and professionals from the community.  

What will the typical day look like for a Northern Lakes Regional Academy student? 

Each student’s typical day will be determined by his or her Personal Learning Plan. Students at NLRA will have individual flexible schedules. Around 40% of their time will be spent in teacher –led interdisciplinary seminars and focused workshops, 20% will be in supported on-line courses, and the remaining 20% in individualized projects.  

How will students get to and from the Charter? 

Rice Lake Area students will be provided transportation. Open-enrolled students will need to provide their own means to get to and from NLRA.  

What will the calendar for NLRA look like? 

Though the state does allow charter schools some flexibility with their calendar, at this point in time we foresee operating on a calendar similar to the Rice Lake Area School District. Students should expect to occasionally participate in on-line learning days from home.